An innovative social impact measurement tool combining business intelligence, data analytics and the latest in mobile and cloud technology, Track2Change™ can help your organisation simply and effectively communicate shared goals and collective progress.

It offers:

  • Data visualisation dashboards
    (web-based or via desktop application)
  • Integration with mobile-friendly, easy-to-use online data collection tools
  • Data preparation and quality checking
  • Secure, cloud-based data storage.

6 Reasons to try Track2Change

Benefits of this all-in-one platform include:

  1. Increased transparency and accountability to funders, staff, board members and clients
  2. Ability to demonstrate success and scale capability to funders
  3. Access to real-time data to support evidence-based decision making and agile ways of working
  4. Access to real-time results against targets to inspire and motivate staff
  5. Ability to engage with and provide feedback to clients using real-time results
  6. A secure one-stop shop for data collection, storage and reporting.

Navigating outcomes offers Track2Change as either a standalone platform for your existing measurement framework, or as part of an end-to-end measurement solution designed specifically for your organisation.

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