Navigating Outcomes provides measurement solutions, quality training and real-time reporting mechanisms using cloud and mobile technology.

We have a special interest in using everyday technology to make social impact measurement more efficient, sustainable and engaging. We can provide one-day outcomes measurement training sessions, dynamic dashboards for existing measurement systems, or design an end to end impact measurement solution for your organisation.

Facilitation and Training

Tailored to your organisation’s individual needs, our experts deliver quality training and mentoring to build staff capacity to make social impact measurement part of their everyday work, fostering ongoing learning and innovation.

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Outcomes Measurement and Frameworks

Whether you just need some advice and feedback on defining your outcomes measures, or an integrated, end-to-end solution, Navigating Outcomes can help.

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Track2Change™: Visual Dashboards

An innovative social impact measurement tool combining business intelligence, data analytics and the latest in mobile and cloud technology, Track2Change can help your organisation simply and effectively communicate shared goals and collective progress.

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