Social Impact Measurement

Providing tools and expertise to guide better social outcomes.

It’s easy to get lost in the world of social change and service delivery. Outputs can be confused with outcomes, and knowing what changes to track – let alone keeping track of those changes – can be a daunting task, especially when delivering vital services to vulnerable groups is your core role.

That’s where Navigating Outcomes can help. Working together, we’ll identify indicators to keep your work on track, and give your team and partners the opportunity to learn and improve from real-time data and insights.

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Social impact measurement for non-profit and government organisations and collaborations

Navigating Outcomes provides measurement solutions, quality training and real-time reporting mechanisms using cloud and mobile technology.

Facilitation and Training

Tailored to your organisation’s individual needs, our experts deliver quality training and mentoring to build staff capacity to make social impact measurement part of their everyday work, fostering ongoing learning and innovation.
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Outcomes Measurement and Frameworks

Whether you just need some advice and feedback on defining your outcomes measures, or an integrated, end-to-end solution, Navigating Outcomes can help.
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Track2Change™: Visual Dashboards

An innovative social impact measurement tool combining business intelligence, data analytics and the latest in mobile and cloud technology, Track2Change can help your organisation simply and effectively communicate shared goals and collective progress.
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Latest Updates

New Partnership Set to Bring Social Impact Measurement into the Digital Era

We have some very exciting news to share – Navigating Outcomes will be joining the world-class monitoring and evaluation consultancy Clear Horizon. It’s our chance to reach a broader audience and help bring Australian social impact measurement into the digital era.

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Shared measurement versus evaluation in collective impact

Shared measurement is a core part of collective impact (CI), a form of place-based approach to collaborative, community-directed efforts to bring about social change.

In a nutshell, shared measurement is the “use of a common set of measures to monitor performance, track progress towards outcomes, and learn what is and is not working in the group’s collective approach” (John Kania, FSG).

But where and how does Evaluation fit into this framework?

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Outcomes, Dashboards and Cupcakes: Our presentation at the Australia and New Zealand Addiction Conference

While there’s still a detailed write up to come exploring our shared outcomes journey with Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery, in the meantime we wanted to share our joint presentation from last month’s Australia and New Zealand Addiction Conference.

In it, we cover how we broke down the somewhat daunting task of implementing an organisation-wide Outcomes Measurement Framework, as well as key lessons when it comes to the support and resources needed to make Outcomes Measurement a streamlined and welcome part of everyday work.

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What Our Customers Think

We engaged Navigation Outcomes as they spoke our language and explained new concepts and important topics in an easy to understand way. We have been working closely with them for over 18 months and at every step, they have been fantastic. Jenny and her team got our staff totally engaged, which has greatly contributed to the success of our project.

Navigating Outcomes have the expertise and experience that really made our transition into outcomes measurement straightforward and easy to achieve.

Jen provided an engaging and challenging introductory session to measuring outcomes and program logic, with lots of hands on activity to practice our learning.

It’s given our team new skills and different ways to approach policy implementation with greater focus.

Jen and her team have worked with a few cohealth teams and all have really enjoyed the training and workshops. Jen’s been able to help each team build a much clearer sense of common purpose and what we’re trying to achieve.

Jen’s been fantastic at working with staff who are relatively new to things like theories of change and evaluation. At a managerial level, it’s been an easy working relationship with a lot of trust built.

Working with Jen has opened up a world of new and creative ideas and opportunities for us. At the same time, it has helped us cut through the “noise of possibility” by providing us with pragmatic direction, and the capacity to reflect on and build our skills.

Jen has given us the confidence and the resources we need to support our partners invigorate their collective efforts and to find real and meaningful ways to monitor and measure their progress.